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Spring, pollens, viruses and breathing problems

Your health is what you make of it. Everything you do and think either adds to the vitality, energy and spirit you possess or takes away from it. Ann Wigmore

In Gironde, in France, spring is often marked by the arrival of pollen from maritime pines. During our drives on our magnificent roads crossing the forests of the Landes of Gascogne, we may get into some dense clouds of pollen. In this region of the south west in France, it is common to observe thick layers of pollen scattered on the floors or any surfaces , like almost fluorescent yellow dust. It may bring an additional concern concerning the COVID-19 virus due to the fact that they both affect the ability to breathe. Did you know that the pollination period in France extends from mid-February to mid-November. Therefore this gives not much respite for sensitive and allergic people. Especially since it is noted that pneumo-allergic people are often sensitive to other factors having the same effects: they are therefore defined as pneumo-allergens people and often show symptoms of asthma, conjunctivitis or rhinitis. It should also be noted that not all pollens are allergens. There are 3 categories: low, moderate and high (maritime pine, despite its high atmospheric concentration, is considered to be a pollen with a low effect). So how do you protect yourself?

How to act preventively? This question is essential and should be on everyone's mind. Naturopathy invites us to take care of ourselves on the long term. It suggests that we strengthen our body before it should be tested so that it will be able to better fight the effects, infection, inflammation at the moment. Our lungs need oxygen, and the current circumstances allow us to realize that without oxygen life is threatened. Naturopathy does not act on the causes (COVID-19, virus, pollen), but on the ground: the body. Therefore, it recommends: - A food reform by favoring fruits, vegetables, eggs and some dairy products. These foods will provide essential nutrients. Buying products other than healthy and natural is to make the unconscious choice to weaken your body. Consuming healthy, unprocessed foods means better health. Hippocrates reminds us of this by specifying that our medicine is on our plate. The dietary factor must be considered of the utmost importance: it can be a nutrient or a poison. - The consumption of condiments and spices garlic, onions, thyme, curry, thyme) to help in detoxifying the emunctories. The onion for example has the power to unclog the bronchi in particular. - The practice of a physical and sporting activity, putting the body in motion. Respiratory exercise or gymnastics with Pilates, Dance, Yoga, Pump Pilat ’, running etc ... help boost circulation, dislodge waste and toxins promoting their elimination. - The use of water in all its forms: Hydration (at least 1,500 pure water), or the consumption of hot drinks will help the elimination from the liver and increase bile secretion. - Managing emotions with sophrology, hypnosis, NLP, meditation, yoga. Emotions create real toxins just like those from our food and digestion. Soothe your emotions is to limit toxins. Have you never heard: an unspoken or evacuated emotion crystallizes in your body? - Mental calm to be with sophrology, meditation for the same functions mentioned above. - The use of plants and essential oils (anointing of the thorax with essential oils of Eucalyptus / aerosol of essential oil of marjoram or Ravintsara in the bedroom and in the house / baths with Essential oil of camphor) / Consumption of a drop of essential oil of eucalyptus with e teaspoon of brown sugar. They have antiseptic, draining and detoxifying properties. - Friction of the body with aromatic essences (thyme, rosemary, marjoram, camphor) to energize the lymph: It improves blood circulation and the lymphatic system. The pores open, perspiration can escape. - The use of hot water bottles on the right and left ribs to help the pancreas and the liver in their function of emunctories. It stimulates them to eliminate toxins from the body and makes it easier for the body to detoxify itself. - Sweating with baths (hot super-caloric for 10 minutes 2 to 3 days), or exercise that allows heating. This is to help the body to eliminate through perspiration. Purification takes place naturally thanks to the sweat and sebaceous glands. The evacuation of waste is set up through perspiration, and causes the purification of the blood. - Palmar and / or plantar reflexology to stimulate lymphatic drainage. - Breathing techniques with sophrology, meditation, Pilates to relieve the lungs, activate a deeper and deeper abdominal breathing, helping in the respiratory and body functions. - Manual massage techniques (the chest with Eucalyptus Essential Oil and deep massage around the diaphragm with camphor to help the body evacuate carbon dioxide, but also mucus, from the lungs. - The use of natural radiation of the sun, or via energy techniques such as REIKI to provide essential energy. - Over-breathing in an oxygenated environment (walk in the wilderness) to allow the body to recharge in a natural and healthier environment; acting on the physical, physiological and mental levels. We only use a tiny part of our breathing capacity. - The elimination of tobacco, alcohol, wine and all fatty / industrialized food in our life, based on meat / white bread, sugars, pasta and butter to avoid clogging the body even more. Why all these proposals should be taken into consideration?

It is believed that sensitive people often have a weakened organism. People who belong to the category of so-called sensitive people are often prone to cholesterol, obesity, high triglycerides, bronchitis and sinusitis, diabetes, chronic colds ...

They have a high toxemia. Indeed colloidal toxemia is often proven (toxemia means the accumulation of toxins and in the body's fluids: blood, lymph, bile, etc...). There is an imbalance in the humoral environment: the consumption of sugars and fats produce a waste of a colloidal nature (glue) which is not soluble. Very close in their composition to the mucus secreted by the various mucous membranes (digestive, pulmonary, vaginal), these glues are naturally eliminated by the mucous membranes. But if these glues are not evacuated by the liver, the intestines, the lungs and the sebaceous glands, the body will try to enclose them in delimited areas. If the situation persists and in the absence of lifestyle and food reform, chronic diseases set in because the level of toxicity increases. The body's fluids become more viscous, the exchanges between the cells and the extracellular fluid slow down and we witness a progressive asphyxiation of the cells. It should be noted that the respiratory system plays an essential role in maintaining the balance of the whole organism. Thanks to this system, of course we breathe, but it also plays a role of filtration and protection of the organs. It regularly takes over from an overloaded liver that cannot purify. This is why the skin is among the emunctories (and can create chronic acne or repeated colds). The lungs (which provide a complementary emunctory role to the failing liver by eliminating glues and residual substances from starches) are more fragile and can become weak when they have to endure several years, the burden of eliminating toxins and that is why the body is not able to have good responses in case of microbial attacks. If the balance is weakened by poor oxygenation (which is the case), bronchial sensitivity is increased and respiratory function is also weakened. It is therefore subjected to the full force of external aggressions such as pollution, allergies, viruses ans pollens. Each cell is bathed in an extracellular serum which is a environment where the cell rejects its waste and where it receives oxygen and food. The purity of this environment (body's fluid) conditions the life of the cell. This environment is drained by the lymph (activated by exercises, walking, massages) and this lymph is drained by the blood. The organism being weakened, deficiencies appear, immunity is weakened and other symptoms can appear with a lot of complications (which unfortunately we see today with these respiratory disorders). Of course not everyone gets sick. The predispositions of each person, their diet, their physical or mental state, their fatigability or their emotional and family environment play an essential role in the onset or not of an allergy, inflammation, disease or viral reaction. The virus or allergen is only the unwanted host of a organism that has become favorable to its intrusion. The alteration of the organism is due to 3 main factors: - Denatured foods - Endocrine disorders (emotions, sleep) - Emunctorial insufficiencies involving the skin, the kidneys, the lungs, and the intestine . Our skin is not only a limit of the body, it is a skin envelope that lives and breathes: it drains the body and collaborates with the kidneys (Urea) and the lungs (Mucus) by eliminating toxins via its sweat function.

This article has to be considered in order to change you way of living and try to eliminate the toxins accumulated over time and allow the body to regain its natural balance. The information in this article is not a substitute for medical and allopathic treatment. It does not exempt you from consulting and / or following your doctor's recommendations.

Anyway, Take good care of you and your family and be safe and healthy.


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